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How Your Student Should Coordinate With Their Roommate Before Move-In Day

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By: Elana Goodwin, Uloop

Move-in day is an exciting time for students and it’s often the first time they’re meeting their roommates in person. But even if they haven’t met their roommate prior to move-in day, they should be in touch with them and coordinate with them so the move-in day goes smoothly.

Here’s some advice on how your student should coordinate with their roommate for move-in day.

Decide who’s bringing what

Before your student’s move-in day at school, advise them to coordinate with their roommate about who is bringing what. There is no reason that both your student and their roommate should show up with a mini-fridge, rug, fan, cleaning supplies, etc. when there won’t be enough space for both sets of items in the dorm room, nor are multiples of the same thing needed.

Showing up with duplicates will only result in either you or your student’s roommate’s parents having to return items and that is just unnecessary hassle. Your student should be in touch with their roommate well before school starts so they can decide which of them will bring what. Additionally, the university might supply certain room items (such as a desk and desk chair or air conditioning in the room) so your student and their roommate should do some research on what will already be in their dorm room before they arrive.

Figure out the timing

Dorm rooms are pretty small and there’s usually not a lot of parking nearby when everyone on campus is moving in around the same time. Having your student coordinate with their roommate on what time they are planning to arrive on campus and move in can make the move-in process easier for both students.

Coordinate schedules so either your student and their roommate both arrive around the same time and can help each other lug items to their dorm room or stagger them an hour or so apart so there are not too many people in the same room trying to move in on top of each other.

Knowing when your student will be able to get into their dorm, get their keys, and attend any event happening on move-in day is also important as it will affect when you aim to have your student moved in by and will require more coordination of schedules so both students are moved in at the appropriate time.

Do a décor consultation

Your student does not need to get matching bedding with their roommate but touching base on what sort of design their roommate’s bedding will be as well as what kind of décor they like or are bringing may help when it comes to deciding on décor or shared items.

For example, if your student is going to bring a rug for the dorm room, knowing their roommate’s bedding is floral and certain colors will help them decide on a rug that will complement both of their bedding sets without being overwhelming or a conflicting pattern.

Coordinating décor to a certain degree will help the room come together and make it so both your student and their roommate feel like the space is their home. Additionally, knowing which colors are both students’ favorites or least favorites is useful as it may influence what sort of colors each student opts to use in their décor choices.

Touch base on room layout

While many dorm rooms are set up very similarly, it’s important your student discusses with their roommate how they want to approach room layout. Is your student or their roommate planning to loft their bed? Do one of them need to have a dresser or desk right next to their bed to put nighttime items on, like a pair of eyeglasses? These sort of details can be discussed and coordinated somewhat before both students arrive so there’s already a general idea of how they want the room to be set up.

Set some expectations 

It’s a good idea for your student to get to know their roommate before move-in day so they have a better idea of what to expect and how living with that person will go. Knowing whether they’re a morning person or night owl, if they have any allergies, what they’re planning to study, etc., can help your student feel more comfortable about their roommate before move-in day. Additionally, knowing some information about their roommate can help both students set some expectations and come up with some ground rules for their room that they can then talk about in-person and agree on once they’ve moved in.

Your student will feel that much more comfortable with their roommate and excited about moving in if they’ve been in contact with their roommate and already started to get to know them. Plus, having your student coordinate with their roommate before move-in day will make the whole move-in process much easier and less stressful for both sets of parents!

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