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How Zipcar Solves Students’ Transportation Needs

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On almost every college campus, parking is a huge problem for students. There are never enough parking spaces, and the parking that is available is usually very limited, and very expensive. Even if you can find a parking spot, chances are you’ll have to pay for it.  

Parking isn’t the only hassle associated with having a car on campus. Students also have to deal with the school’s rules, and many colleges do not even allow freshmen to have a car on campus.

Having a car, especially in college, can be very costly. It’s just one more thing to pay for that students don’t really need or use often enough.

Even though car ownership can be a hassle, sometimes students really do need a car so that they can easily grocery shop, do laundry, run errands, drive to an off-campus job, or just to visit home. Doing a big grocery run on the bus, or trying to pile all your dirty laundry in order to Uber to the laundromat is likely not that fun or enjoyable.  

Luckily, Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing service, makes it easy for students to access a car whenever they need. The service is now available on more than 600 college campuses.

Your student can join Zipcar for less than the cost of a campus parking ticket (only $15). As long as your son or daughter is over 18 years old, and has a valid driver’s license, they’re eligible to join. Even international students can use the service. Find out if your student’s school zips!

Why College Parents Like Zipcar

We spoke with several parents to find out more about their students’ experience using Zipcar. Here’s what they shared:

“My daughter uses Zipcar at Purdue University. She loves it because it is much easier for her than taking a bus to Target, which ends up being a 90 minute ride as opposed to a 15 minute ride with Zipcar.” -Amy, Purdue Mom

“All three of my kids have used Zipcar at different times during their college days and have enjoyed the experience. My daughter just used it last weekend to go to the local CVS.”  -Ermina, Vassar, University of Miami & Vanderbilt Mom

“Zipcar was so much less expensive than sending a car to college with my son. We saved on insurance, car maintenance, and no longer had an extra car payment. This made it easy to say “No” when my son wanted to take his car to campus.” – Jane, Colorado State University Mom

What’s included in a Zipcar Membership?

With a Zipcar student membership, your son or daughter will have self-service access to cars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cars are easy to reserve online, or with a mobile device, and they can be reserved for an hour, or even a few days.

Students can pick from sedans, hybrids, vans and others, depending on what’s available on their campus. Because many Zipcars are located right on or near campus, pickup and drop-off is really easy.

The membership fee even includes gasinsurance, and 180 free miles.

How much does Zipcar cost for Students?

Zipcar’s Student Membership is only $15. Reservation rates vary depending on where you drive and the type of car you’re driving, but typically range from $8-10/hour, including gas and insurance. Experts estimate that students that use Zipcar save more than $500 a month compared to car ownership.

How does Zipcar work?

Step 1: Join Zipcar

Zipcar is really easy to use. First, apply for Zipcar’s Student Membership. Once approved, your student will receive a Zipcard that they’ll use to access Zipcars.

Step 2: Reserve

Use the mobile app or website to reserve a Zipcar for an hour or several days.

Step 3: Unlock

When it’s time for your reservation, unlock your Zipcar with your Zipcard. The keys will be inside the car.

Step 4: Drive Zipcar

Drive Zipcar for the time you’ve reserved. You’re able to extend the time using the mobile app or by text message if needed.

Step 5: Return Zipcar

Drop off your Zipcar in the designated parking spot. Lock up with the app or your Zipcard, and you’re done!

Students love Zipcar

For students that need to leave campus for work, to volunteer, or just to run errands, Zipcar is a convenient and inexpensive transportation solution that parents love too. Click here to sign your student up for a Zipcar membership today.

9 Reasons to Leave Your Car at Home During College

If you’re still not convinced that your student needs Zipcar, here are 9 Reasons to Leave Your Car at Home During College.

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