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Looking for 5 Unusual, but Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your College Student?

It’s summer break and your college student is heading home, if they aren’t home already. You’re happy to see them and can’t wait to spend some much needed quality time together. Your student is no longer a child, yet, not quite old enough to fit in at your book club. To keep your student happy for the summer and to create fantastic memories together, here are five unusual summer activities with college students to consider.

Face a Fear Together – Afraid of heights? Afraid of flying? Face that fear together with your student and go bungee jumping or take a helicopter ride over your favorite locale. Facing a challenge and conquering your fears together is not only exciting and rewarding but will also create a special bond between you and your student. Surely a memory to never be forgotten.

Learn Something New Together – Have you been thinking of learning how to golf or maybe paint? Find a common interest and learn how to do it together. Education doesn’t have to stop after college. Any time, any age is appropriate for learning something new.

Take a Hike – Plan a day to go hiking. Pack a picnic lunch, some hiking equipment and spend the day in a secluded area. This is a great way to catch up on college news, day-to-day life, and a great way to reconnect.

Volunteer Together – Giving back to the community can create another life long memory but can also be a way to give back to a community in need. Volunteering together can build life skills and help to connect real world experiences to what your student learned in class.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – What was your student’s favorite thing to do as a child? Was there a favorite place, park, or zoo, perhaps? Take your child for a day or a week down memory lane and do all the things they once enjoyed. Go to the places they loved to spend time at, and  recreate a special memory.

Having your student home for the summer is exciting. Although they want to spend time with you, they might have other plans too. Visiting old friends or taking a summer job may be on their agenda. When that time comes, be ready but flexible to create new experiences with your college student.

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