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The Benefits Of Your Student Joining Greek Life

There are plenty of movies that portray Greek life as party central, with students focusing more on having fun than actually studying. Though socializing is a key component to being a Greek brother or sister, this rumor is a generalization and does not necessarily apply. If your student approaches you about joining Greek life, but you have your doubts, then it is essential to know the benefits they would gain by joining a sorority or fraternity.

Networking — Once your student graduates, they will have a lifelong bond with individuals from their sorority or fraternity. Many of their friends will move across the country or even the world, so your student would have friends in all different locations. This scenario is beneficial if your student chooses to relocate after graduation to a new city, where individuals from their pledge class are living too.

Diversity — Students come from all over the world with an variety of backgrounds, and many of these students will pledge a fraternity or sorority. Your student would be surrounded by other students from all these different backgrounds, immersing them in diversity and helping them make friends with an assortment of individuals.

Philanthropy — Many sororities and fraternities take part in volunteering and giving a helping hand to those in need. Not only do they volunteer but also many pledge classes will host lively fundraisers to raise money for organizations and help get students and college parents excited to help out.

Support — As a college parent, you wish you could always be there for your student, but when they have moved away to college you hope they have support on campus, as well. Whether your student experiences a stressful day or awful breakup, there will be challenges faced in college and the brothers or sisters in their pledge class will always be there to give their support. Many pledge classes will go above, and beyond to cheer up a pledge if they are feeling down. So you can feel at ease to know they are in good hands.

When your student is considering pledging for a fraternity or sorority, take part in the experience with them. Do your research about the different sororities and fraternities on campus and learn the fundamentals and guidelines they follow.

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