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Tips for your Student when Applying for Summer Jobs and Internships

Applying for summer jobs and internships should be a top priority for a student in college. Both help build up a resume and give a student an advantage once graduating and beginning their career.

Here are a few tips for parents and students for when the time comes to apply for an internship or summer job.

Be Ahead of The Game – Internships and summer jobs get filled quickly, which is why it is essential to start applying early on. Students should start their search soon after winter break, and should have applied before spring break starts. Locking in a position early on will prevent the stress and anxiety a student could feel if needing to scramble to find a position last minute.

Pick A Position Relevant To Desired Career – A student should use these college summers to choose roles that are relevant to their major. This will build up their resume, and give them insight into their desired career path. Students should seek roles, which will give them experience and help them develop the desired skills necessary for their future career.

Network – A terrific way to find a summer internship opportunity is to ask around. A friend or family member may know of someone who is hiring for the summer, or looking to fill an intern position. Ask the friend or family member to give a positive recommendation for the student, in order to give them a better advantage for getting the role.

Application Process – A student will need to create an updated resume and will need to write a well-written cover letter. Many colleges offer workshops on how to write a professional resume and cover letter. Students should attend to learn these helpful skills. A cover letter is just as vital as a resume, and students should create one for each application.

Interview – If your student lands an interview, afterward students should write a thank you note to the individual who conducted the interview. This will show the business that they genuinely wanted the role. It’s a good practice for students to learn proper interview etiquette.

After the Summer Position – After their summer internship or job, students should ask their internship manager for a recommendation. These will be helpful for a student when applying to future internship roles and if the student decides to continue on with their education after their undergrad.

Summer roles are beneficial for students to gain experience and knowledge about their desired career path. These tips will provide guidance for students when applying for summer positions and internships.

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