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What students appreciate most

By Lucy Ewing 

Sometimes it isn’t until the degrees have been awarded and the dorms cleared out that students have time to catch their breath and reflect on what they most appreciated receiving from home during their college years.

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To write this post, I spoke with current students and recent grads, and what I love about this list is how simple most of these memories are. We support our daughters and sons in so many ways, big and small, during the college years and they don’t always have time to thank us. So, here is a collective, “Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. I love you, too.”

  • “The most valuable ‘gift’ my mom gave me was her ability to sit back and let me talk to her.”
  • “Even a little money to buy new toiletries is an amazing gift when you’re living on a student budget.”
  • “My mom sent me a card for every holiday, and I kept every single one. It meant the world to know my family was thinking about me.”
  • “One spring, my dad sent me a box of plastic Easter eggs filled with candy so my friends and I could have our own egg hunt.”
  • “Having physical mail to hold onto, a handwritten message, makes home feel a lot more real and reminds you that another whole world exists outside of the college bubble.”
  • “My mom mailed me care packages for holidays that included small gifts or candies that we usually had when I was still living at home. The familiarity of these things was very comforting.”
  • “It’s so much fun to get actual mail in your college mailbox, and everyone always asks you what you got when you receive a package!”
  • “One of my favorite surprises was when my dad ordered my friends and me a pizza after hanging up the phone with me during an especially busy finals week.”
  • “My favorite birthday gift was my senior year. My mom had been with me earlier in the year and noticed things I was admiring in the school gift shop. She later called the store to put these things on hold, and the store gift-wrapped them and filled out a beautiful card for me. The morning of my birthday, my mom told me to walk over to the shop and they handed me the bag. I was so touched and loved the surprise of it all.”
  • “My first birthday on campus, when I was feeling sad about not being with my family, my parents sent me a big box of candy. Nothing fancy, but it totally cheered me up.”
  • Advice…support…life perspective.”

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