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3 Simple Ways to Avoid the Chaos During College Move-In

3 Simple Ways to Avoid the Chaos During College Move-In

If you’ve never experienced back-to-school shopping around college move-in time, you won’t believe the chaos. Every store near campus will be jam-packed with out-of-town families searching the unfamiliar aisles, trying to find the one thing they forgot to pack.

Talk about overwhelming!

This is not the way you want to start off college, or say goodbye to your son or daughter.

Instead, here are 3 ways to avoid total chaos during move-in weekend.

1) Plan Ahead

This will make packing, and the move to college so much easier. This means more picture taking time and less Target time.

There are several ways to prepare in advance. First, plan on it being hot, and a long day. Many dorms are not air-conditioned. This means you’ll need to wear lightweight, breathable clothing.

Bring a cooler with snacks and refreshments, because once you start unloading and unpacking, it may be difficult to leave for lunch. Make sure to stay hydrated (especially if you’re moving your son or daughter to a higher altitude than you’re used to)!

What to bring to college move-in day:

  • Cooler with snacks and refreshments
  • Cleaning supplies to clean the room before you start moving things in, such as Clorox Wipes (seriously!)  
  • Tape Measure in case you need to measure the interior space for additional furniture or other items
  • Household Tool Kit, such as a hammer, level for hanging pictures
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Sunscreen (you’ll probably be going back and forth from the car to the dorm room)
  • Portable fan to cool the room (you may want to leave this in the room permanently), but make sure it is easy to access in the car

2) Ship essentials to campus

One option is to ship your essentials, such as dorm bedding, straight to campus.

If you need help, Boxt Teddy offers reasonably priced, quality bedding that helps make planning your move to college so much easier.

Instead of worrying about buying all the right separate pieces, save yourself the time and hassle with their college bedding bundles.

Their bundles include exactly what students need:

  • 1x Duvet Cover
  • 1x Flat Sheet
  • 1x Fitted Sheet
  • 1x Pillow case
  • 1x Duvet Insert (optional)
  • 1x Pillow (optional)

Each bundle comes in many colors and styles, tailored just for college students by a special stylist to match different personalities. Their products are trendy, and make the bundles feel simple, and relaxing. Plus, their products come straight from the manufacturer, keeping costs low. (To learn more about their college bedding bundles, click here.)

Want just one set of sheets? They have it.

Want a full bundled package? Done.

The first move in week is overwhelming and Boxt Teddy understands that. “We know your troubles because we have been there before. College can be stressful and filled with many decisions and big choices to make. Because we have already experienced it, we want to help take one stress off your plate. Dorm room bedding.”

3) Set Expectations in Advance

You’ve been planning this day for months, and there may be a lot of built up emotions for all of you. Plus, it may feel extra stressful, simply because there will be so many people around trying to move too. Expect long lines and a big crowd.

One way to make the day go smoother is to simply visualize what the day will be like in your head. Imagine driving up to the dorm, with your car packed to the brim, and actually unpacking each item into their room. While this may seem silly, visualization is a technique that athletes use to “reduce stress, build confidence, and ultimately get a better performance,” according to the American Psychological Association. If you practice visualizing move-in going well, chances are that it will be a much better experience.

Besides visualizing the day going well, talk with your son or daughter (and or spouse or partner) about your expectations for the day. What do you want them to do? Can you divide and conquer the move? Is it easier if one person is in charge of unloading the car, and one person is in charge of unpacking? The more you can set expectations in advance, the easier it will be for everyone.

While it may feel chaotic, and like there isn’t a ton you can do in advance to make it better, try to have fun with it, and enjoy the experience with your family.

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