Tips for Parents

Are you interested in connecting with other college parents?

Please become a fan of our Facebook Page for parents by clicking here. We want to provide a forum for college parents to talk with each other and discuss various issues they may be facing. 

Not sure how to Get Started on Facebook? Here are a few tips:

  • Fill out the information in the Sign Up boxes
  • Once you’ve signed up, its time to create your profile:

    To edit your profile at any time, click on the “Edit Information” link at the upper right corner of your Basic Info or click on the “edit” icons on the upper right corner of each of your profile fields.

    • Each profile information section represents what people will see when they arrive at your profile. Start by filling out the info that will help people identify you—Basic, Education, Work, and Picture.
  • Filling out your Education and Work Info is especially helpful since it enables your former (and current) classmates and coworkers to find you via search.
  • Having a profile picture makes it easier for friends to identify you as being the real you, especially if you have a common name. In addition, the picture you select is another way to express who you are to your friends and family.

    • When selecting a profile picture, we recommend picking a picture that best represents you—if you’re unsure what that means, check out some of your friends’ profile pictures to get a sense of how they represent themselves. Remember, nothing is set in stone on your profile; if you find a photo you like better, you’ll be able to change your profile picture later (as well as the rest of your information).
  • Why would I put my personal info on the internet?

    • Facebook is known for its granular privacy controls, all of which mean you control who sees what information about you. Millions of Facebook users share their cell phone numbers on Facebook, knowing that they have full control over the list of people who can see it. People who don’t see your contact information will only be able to get in touch with you through Facebook, and won’t get access to your information unless you choose to add them as a friend.
    • To edit your contact info—phone numbers, emails and addresses—click on the “edit” icon on the upper right corner of your “Contact Information” section on your Info tab.
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