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Closetbox Offers Summer Storage Options for College Students

With final exams just around the corner, you may be wondering what to do with all of your son or daughter’s stuff during the summer. Many families choose to store their student’s belongings near campus -rather than trying to pack everything up and driving it home, only to have to move it all back a few months later.

If you’d like to avoid the hassle of moving your son or daughter’s stuff, Closetbox is the easiest solution for parents to store their college students’ belongings during the summer months. For the cost of a traditional self-storage unit, Closetbox will free you from the hassle of loading, hauling, and moving into a storage facility. Their team of professional movers will pick up all of their belongings from the dorm, safely store them, and bring them back when school starts – all with the click of a button. Their process makes it easy for students and gives parents peace of mind. Here’s how.

1. Customized, Monthly Storage Rates

Closetbox customizes their pricing to match what only what you need. They’ll give you a custom monthly storage rate, so you only have to pay for what you store. If you need to add a few items — your rent is only a few dollars more. Need a few things back? Your rent decreases. Custom pricing, perfectly fit for your exact needs.

We have a special offer just for parents: use promo code UP50 for $50 off your first month’s storage with Closetbox.

2. They Pick Everything Up For You

They will pick everything up from the dorm or off-campus apartment so that you (and your son or daughter) doesn’t have to worry about it. Professional movers carry your boxes and heavy furniture from inside your home or dorm — navigating stairs, corners, and doorways. They wrap, pad, and protect your belongings with care. They do all the heavy lifting.

3. Secure Student Storage

Closetbox securely stores your belongings in a private, temperature-controlled vault. Plus, their  storage facilities are monitored 24/7.

4. They Return Everything When You’re Ready

Closetbox creates a digital inventory so that you can view your item inventory online, and request any item returned at any time. This makes it easy to have any (or all) of your belongings delivered to you.

Closetbox serves 88 markets around the country, including UCLA & USC, Philadelphia (Penn), Washington DC (George Washington University, Georgetown), San Francisco (Berkeley, University of San Francisco), Miami (University of Miami), Austin (University of Texas), and many others. Click here to view Closetbox’s Locations.

Self storage without leaving your dorm

Closetbox will pick up your belongings, store them securely, then bring any item back when you need it. Just that easy. Learn more about Closetbox or call for a free quote: +1 (877) 620-8420.

Summer Storage Options Closetbox

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