Tips for Parents

Five Conversations to Have With Your College Student

1. Most of your learning will take place outside the classroom

As an intellectual community, educational opportunities abound. Guest lectures, discussions with faculty, national and international excursions, career training and interactions within the community all bring with them the possibility for growth, understanding of our world and our roles in a global society. We encourage students to keep an open mind to the learning opportunities that take place outside the classroom, and to take care of the relationships built along the way.

2. Consider studying abroad

More and more college students are experiencing the life-changing benefits of study abroad. Students can find a destination that supports their major field of study and aligns with their personal goals. 

3. Think about building a work resume

Many parents worry that a job in college will detract from a student’s ability to focus on school. However, if the workplace is your child’s post-graduate destination, work experience will give him or her an advantage over other candidates in the hiring process. Part-time on-campus jobs and corporate internships can be a valuable introduction into the workforce, and can require as few as 10 hours a week. For more information about manageable student employment opportunities, encourage your student to check out the on-campus Career Services office.

4. Participate in Clubs and Organizations

Club activities connect students with the community while providing an opportunity to share ideas and develop leadership skills. It is essential for students to find a community on-campus.

5. Take advantage of opportunities to serve the community

Community service promotes leadership, responsibility, understanding, and an appreciation of differences throughout communities worldwide. Volunteer opportunities enhance student education and foster a positive living/learning environment. 

Tips provided by California Lutheran University.

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