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Graduation Gift Idea – Make a T-Shirt Quilt

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My daughter once told me that she had an entire drawer of t-shirts that she never wears but couldn’t get rid of. We all have some of those shirts. When she started her freshman year of college, this drawer grew incredibly fast. It seemed everywhere she went, there was another shirt.

All of these t-shirts were memories of her cheer squad in high school, her first homecoming in college, her first club meeting on campus, her first football game, her move-in day in dorms, and so on. When I went to visit her this spring, I saw that she wasn’t exaggerating – it was an entire drawer in her closet. She smiled and told me she loved them, but would never really wear them.

Turn Favorite Memories into a T-Shirt Quilt 

Project Repat makes quilts from the t-shirts we can’t stand to give away, but never wear. I knew immediately this was the gift for my daughter. When I went to move her out of her dorm for summer, I made sure to note which box had the all the t-shirts. Then in all the confusion of moving we “misplaced” the box for a while.

But when my daughter saw the completed quilt, she instantly teared up. It is the perfect way for her to remember her first year of college. It shows all the memories from the year in one place. She can proudly display these memories and have a daily reminder of this special time. And now she has an extra drawer again!

How to make your t-shirt quilt

First, visit Project Repat to order your t-shirt quilt. (Use promo code “universityparent” at checkout for 20% off!).

Then, choose your panel size depending on the number of t-shirts, or t-shirt sides:

  • 4 feet x 4 feet’ blanket (lap size) – send 16 sides of shirts
  • 4’ x 6 blanket (twin size) – send 24 sides of shirts
  • 5’ x 6’ blanket (full size) – send 30 sides of shirts
  • 7′ x 7′ (queen size) blanket – send 49 sides of shirts
  • 8′ x 8′ (king size) blanket – send 64 sides of shirts

Once you’ve selected a size, you also can select the fleece color.

They will email you detailed instructions for preparing and shipping your shirts.

The t-shirt quilts typically take 3-4 weeks to ship, but they do offer a rush option too.

T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt Examples

I am OBSESSED with my new quilt! @projectrepatusa did an amazing job! Check them out!

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Check out the video below to see how a T-Shirt Quilt is the perfect gift for your son or daughter:

A quilt from Project Repat is a great option for a graduation gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift! It’s such a special collection of memories. A quilt of t-shirts will also be on display more than stuffing them into a drawer or box of shirts. Your student will see those special memories more often. It’s guaranteed to make them smile everyday.

Receive 20% off your Project Repat t-shirt quilt now when you use promo code: universityparent.


Project Repat

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