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How to Send Your Child a Comfort Food Care Package

One of the most common questions we get from parents is, “How can we send food to campus?”

When parents hear in their child’s voice that their son or daughter may be feeling homesick, moms and dads know that sending comfort food, or food that reminds them of mom’s home-cooking, is a quick way to cheer them up and make them feel better. Order Indian Food from the Buttermilk Company

Unfortunately, rushing over to the dorms with a crock-pot full of homemade soup isn’t always possible for most parents. However, there’s one new company solving this problem in a unique way.

Like many college students, while Mitra Raman was living away from home for the first time, she realized just how much she missed her mother’s incredible home cooking, specifically she was craving a bowl of her mom’s Rasam (a traditional South Indian dish).

Once when she was visiting home, her mother showed her that if she had the right ingredients ready, she could just add hot water to complete the dishes quickly, and enjoy a delicious, healthy meal reminiscent of her childhood favorites. That was the moment Mitra realized that anyone could have their favorite childhood meals without spending too much money or time. This led her to launch The Buttermilk Company, which provides  fresh + authentic Indian meals that are available to be shipped all over the country.

The Buttermilk Company

  • They make everything from scratch in their Seattle kitchen using only locally sourced ingredients + fresh vegetables. No preservatives.
  • They cook, package, and heat-seal every packet, made-to-order. Your order ships to your son or daughter in minimal + recyclable packaging to keep cool in transit.
  • Your student can make a fresh + delicious meal in 5 minutes by microwaving or boiling with water. The meals are less expensive + healthier than anything your kids may order in, and just as quick to make as Ramen Noodles.


Send Your Student Delicious Indian Food

The Buttermilk Company now offers ten different, delicious Indian dishes, including:

The meals may be stored in the fridge for 5-7 days, or in the freezer for up to 3 months. They’re ready when your student needs them!

The Buttermilk Company’s dishes have a variety of spice levels:

  • 0-2 stars: Basmati Rice, Brown Rice, Coconut Chutney, Quinoa, Upma
  • 3-4 stars: Chana Masala, Daal, Khichdi, Sambar
  • 5 stars: Rasam

Fresh Indian Food

In addition to the individual meals, The Buttermilk Company also offers a variety of combination packs so that you can pick out what your son or daughter might like best.

Cure Your Child’s Homesickness

The next time you want to cure your child’s homesickness, order The Buttermilk Company’s care package! For just $35 plus shipping, this unique care package includes 6 meal packets of your choice, plus a fun gift specifically chosen to improve your student’s life from the Buttermilk team! They also offer a subscription option so that you can save and make sure your student will always have something healthy and tasty to eat while away from home.

Customer Reviews

“So flavorful, filling, and literally took 5 minutes to make! I felt like I was at home eating my mom’s food.” – Malika J., Philadelphia

“I just want to say thank. As I was cooking chana masala it smelled amazing + tasted even better!” – Nathan G., Seattle

“This khichdi is so good!! I had one packet and I immediately needed to make my other one.” – Rik S., San Francisco

The Buttermilk Company

If you’d like to learn more about The Buttermilk Company, visit their website or find them on FacebookTwitterInstagram or

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