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How to Send Your Son or Daughter Fresh Bagels

Parents are always looking for unique items to send their son or daughter while they’re away in college. While students love getting care packages from home, here’s one idea that you might not have considered that was one of my personal favorites…

One thing I really missed when I was in college were bagels.

Yes, the dorm cafeteria offered something they claimed to be a bagel… but it was a poor substitute for the bagels I’d had back home.

Send Fresh Bagels to Campus

If bagels are something on your son or daughter’s list of things they miss from home, there’s actually a bakery in New York that will ship bagels overnight to campus, New Yorker Bagels.

New Yorker Bagels offers more than 18 different varieties, and you can create your own box of your student’s favorites by selecting the custom line.

Or, pick from their 5 curated bagel assortments named after famous NYC Subway lines. Each assortment includes 3 sleeves of 5 hand-rolled bagels – that’s 3 free with each order!

After you decide which assortment your son or daughter will like best, you can choose a one-time purchase with free overnight shipping, or join the NYC Bagel Club. With the NYC Bagel Club, your student will receive fresh bagels on a weekly or monthly basis!

Order Fresh Bagels

New Yorker Bagels

When I first heard about New Yorker Bagels overnight shipping, I was skeptical. I thought that the bagels would probably be good, but I didn’t think they’d be as good as what I could buy locally.

But, I was wrong. Even though the bagels were shipped, I couldn’t believe how tasty the New Yorker Bagels were. The bagels tasted incredibly fresh, soft, and chewy. Exactly how I’d remembered the bagels back home.

Their bagels are hand-rolled in New York City, and made with all natural ingredients. This means no preservatives, no bromates or bromated flour, no saturated fat or transfat. New Yorker Bagels are Star-K Kosher Certified. The orders ship same day Monday through Thursday before 2PM EST.

While shipping a big order may seem like too many bagels for just one person, they can always share with their roommates and dorm mates.

Plus, bagels freeze really well and they can continue to enjoy them for breakfast or to make sandwiches for lunch or dinner.

How to Freeze Bagels

After they’ve enjoyed their fresh bagels, the best thing to do with leftover bagels is to freeze them. Surprisingly, bagels freeze really well.

  1. Slice the bagels. This makes them easier to put in the toaster straight out of the freezer.
  2. Place the sliced bagels in a small zip-top sandwich bag. Get as much air out of the bag as possible to avoid freezer burn. I prefer just one bagel per bag, but you could do a large bag too if you don’t have small ones.
  3. Place the individual sandwich bags in a large freezer plastic bag.

When they’re ready to make a sandwich, or toast a bagel for breakfast, just take the bagel out of the sandwich bag and put it straight into the toaster or toaster oven. They don’t have to thaw first, they just may need a little extra toasting.

The bagels will last for several months in the freezer, meaning your son or daughter will have a delicious option in their freezer for months even after you’ve first sent the bagels. They’ll love it. And their roommates will too!

To order bagels online for your son or daughter (or for you ), click here.

Order Fresh Bagels

Use promo code UniversityParent to save $4 off any order.

(Promo code is valid one time per customer, and not valid for subscriptions).

Check out New Yorker Bagels on Facebook to learn more.

Note: This post is sponsored by New Yorker Bagels. However, all opinions are my own. Learn more about our Sponsored Content.

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