Tips for Parents

Kicking off second semester

Now that second semester is in full swing, here are a few things to consider discussing with your son or daughter:

the best way to feel safe on campus

How many times do you say to your son or daughter, “Text me when you get there?” If you’re like me, it’s all the time. Revolar has made these check-ins much easier for parents everywhere. Read, The Best Way to Stay Safe on Campus.

1. What’s your plan to choose a major?

Did your student embark on her college career with no idea what she wants to major in? Is she a sophomore but still undeclared? Is she unhappy with her current major and thinking about a change?

It’s common for students to take a few semesters to declare a major — and just as common for parents to stress about it. “Without the right major, my student might not be prepared for a career when she graduates!” we worry.

Choosing a major is a personal decision but students often seek parental guidance. Here are three things to do and consider so you’re prepared to give helpful and appropriate advice.

For more information to help your son or daughter choose a major, click here.

2. Have you talked this through with your academic advisor?

Especially for students who are new to college or are considering approaching an academic advisor for the first time, doing so can seem quite intimidating. As scary as an academic advisor may seem at first glance, they really do want to see students succeed.

Make sure your student asks their academic advisor questions here to get on track for a successful college career.

3. Have you made a plan to graduate on time?

Graduating on time seems easy to many students and parents. Both tend to assume that the college has things under control and would steer the student away from any poor decisions that would keep them from graduating on time.

But unfortunately, most colleges have too many students to attend to, and can’t possibly go over every decision your student makes. So make sure that your student has a plan to get in and out on time, and a backup plan if things start to go wrong. Here’s how to make a plan to graduate on time.

High School Parents

If you’re the parent of a high school student, here are a few things to complete in February:

❑  Confirm financial aid deadlines & requirements at the schools you applied to.

❑  File taxes early if possible, but don’t wait to submit the FAFSA — it can be updated later.

❑  Explore gap year possibilities.

❑  If you didn’t apply yet, or want more options, look into schools with late deadlines and/or rolling admissions.

❑  Beware of Senioritis…stay on track academically!

❑  Begin planning for summer (work, travel, volunteering, etc.).

Click here to view our full To-Do List for Parents of High School Seniors

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