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New Personalized College Search Components

Site’s new features act as digital advisors for prospective students,

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SANTA MONICA, has expanded its website capabilities to actively advise prospective students on the college choice that best fits them. The new features include side-by-side institution comparison, comprehensive behavior and history tracking modules; personalized educational profile tailoring and admissions chance analysis. founder and CEO Jerry Slavonia believes the improved technology will allow prospective students to more fully understand what they want in a school and which institutions best fit their personal interests, financial capabilities and grade expectations.

“Not everyone has an advisor readily available to help them find the college that best suits them,” remarked Slavonia. “The new features are meant to help guide prospective students through the process on their terms to find the best fit for their respective educations.”

The new side-by-side college comparison feature allows visitors to view specific criteria from multiple schools on the same page. This way, the comparison process is more visually intuitive as students filter schools that interest them.

New “My Schools” and “My Profile” options allow the viewer to personalize his or her search to a greater extent. With “My Schools,” prospective students can rate and save schools by interest and priority levels. The feature also tracks viewed schools and customizes modules for the searcher. “My Profile” tailors the student’s search based on questions answered by the student.

“Choosing a college should be personalized,” said Slavonia. “We’re not trying to push specific colleges at prospective students; we’re trying to give our clients a tool to find the school that works best for them. We want to put the consumer at the front of the line, rather than the institution.”

About provides clients expert advice, helpful information and easy-to-use tools that will make finding a college stress-free. The company works as 24/7 personal college and career counselors to match customers with the right program, the right school, in the right area and at the right price. Whether for students, parents, counselors or people looking to advance their careers, provides a hassle-free experience while students discover the paths to their futures. More than just an information resource, provides tools to help its clients make the right decisions. From comparing tuition options to tracking applications, is there to guide students through the entire process. For more information, please visit:  


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