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If you are approaching, or already in those years as the parent of a college student, then you will quickly understand why UniversityParent is the #1 destination for parents to find what they need to help their student succeed. Below are just three highlights of what the site offers for parents.

Find Your School

Rather than jump from site to site as you investigate potential schools, UniversityParent is a one stop site to gather all the relevant information any parent needs to help their student narrow down the selection. There are over 225 school pages with links and documents specific to each school on topics such as

• Academic calendar
• Academic news and announcements
• Health & Safety
• Finances
• Student Life
• Maps, Contacts & Info
• Tips for Parents

There is also an invaluable, comprehensive guide for each school developed with UniversityParent to cover everything a parent would need once their child is in school.

Additionally there are links to local community info for the area around each campus such as apartment guides, attractions & entertainment, banks, health care, hotels, restaurants, transportation and just about anything a new student or visiting family would need to know.

Parent and Family Guide

Along with the individual school guides, there is a periodically published overall UniversityParent guide. No matter where your student decides to enroll, as a parent you will face many common challenges. The biggest one for most is paying for college, and the parent guide covers topics such as the FAFSA form, applying for scholarships and all types of financial aid. There are also very useful life style change articles to help ease parents into learning how to let go, but still keep a pulse on how their student it adjusting to life on campus. The guide will help you be ready to provide solid advice on choosing a major or transitioning to the workplace after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is anything you have been pondering at all about the college years and how best for you and your student to prepare for them, then the FAQ section is there to provide answers. There are over 35 questions with answers providing specific links and contact information when relevant. If you’ve already scoured the school pages, and read the parent guide cover to cover and still have questions, the FAQ pages will most likely fill in those gaps. 

When parents and families are engaged in their child’s college experience, student success is shown to improve. UniversityParent is simply the top resource for helping your student navigate through their college journey.

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