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Questions to ask at a college visit

Going to visit a college with your high school student is a great time to take advantage of the attention of school staff to get your questions asked.  It is also a good time for parents to step back and allow your child to take the lead.  Of course, many teenagers are not going to know all the important questions to ask, so you may want to lead your student a bit, and plant a few questions with them in advance.  

Is each student assigned to a advisor, and how do appointments get made? – Find out who your student will be assigned to, and meet that person either in person or through email or phone.  Does this person seem to be concerned about a student’s college journey?    

Are freshmen students required to live in dorms, and if so, are there specific dorms for the freshmen? – Living in a dorm the first year is an important transitional time, and life long friendships are often made during the first year of dorm life.  Many colleges understand this and keep the freshmen together since they are all going through a similar transition together.  Also find out about the available meal plans, if the dorm floors are coed, if there are single-sex dorm floors available, and what is included in the dorm room.

When does a freshman select classes? – Some schools do this at orientation, and some do it before.  If there is a question on what to sign up for, a meeting with a advisor is important.  Find out when the timeframe for registration is so you can meet with the advisor with time to spare.

How does a student get an internship? – Find out if the school supports an internship program, and if so, how it works. How many companies come to the school to recruit interns and how many students get internships.

The transition from high school to college is more than just about furthering your student’s education, but also their independence.  Help them understand the information they need, but allow them to ask the questions.  Contact us if you would like more information on what to look for when looking at colleges.

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