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Spring Semester Checklist

If your student’s winter break was successful, she got rest, spent time with friends and family and probably let school slip her mind for a few weeks. That means important details could be on the backburner or forgotten about entirely. While giving your student space to be independent and learn responsibility is important, you can be there when she asks for help or to gently guide her.

Help your student prepare for the Spring semester with this checklist:

Before Heading Back to School

  • Solidify a budget, based on last semester and with this semester’s income and expenses in mind.
  • Mark due dates in a calendar or on the computer. Record when payments are due, like rent, tuition, car payments, etc., and make sure she has important dates like birthdays or doctor’s appointments as well.
  • Set goals for the semester – academic, financial, social, etc.
  • Pack any spring or summer-related items that may have been left at home during the first semester.
  • Refill prescriptions, get the car serviced and run any other errands that are easier at home.
  • Check-in for the flight a day ahead, or check road conditions before leaving town.
  • Allow at least two days back on campus before classes start, to settle in.

Once Back at School

  • Of course, call or text the parents to let them know she made it safely!
  • Reconnect with friends (as if she needs to be reminded).
  • Buy books for classes – check online as well as at the local campus bookstores.
  • Find where her classes will be on campus, and do a “dry run” to decide if she’ll need to ride a bike or rush across campus to make it on time.
  • Organize notes and tests from last semester, making sure to keep the ones in her degree.
  • Make sure the Internet connection in the dorm or apartment is working, as well as printers or other important technology.
  • Buy new supplies to start a fresh semester.
  • Meet up with her academic advisor or other professors to reconnect, discuss this semester’s class load and plan for any looming internship or job deadlines.

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