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Top Questions Submitted on Today 9-8-09

Here are the questions college parents submitted on our site on 9-8-09:

  • Are children of University of Oklahoma alumni that live outside Oklahoma, eligible for in state tuition? Unfortunately, children of alumni living outside of Oklahoma are not eligible for in state tuition. For more information on residency requirements for in state tuition, please visit here:
  • My student attends California State University, Chico and lives in Craig Hall. What is her mailing address?on Craig Hall, please visit:
  • When is Parents Weekend this year at Ohio State University and do parents have to register for any related events (and how)? Parent & Family Weekend 2009 will take place October 16, 17 and 18th. For more information, pleasee visit:
  • What is the best RV resort near the University of Colorado campus?  Are there RV parking areas on CU campus? Here is a list of RV parks near Boulder: There are none within the City of Boulder, or on the University of Colorado campus.
  • Would it be possible to obtain tickets for the Sept 26th Auburn University football game? Please click here to purchase football tickets.
  • If my child resides in Taylor Hall at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, what is the complete street address we can use to send mail to her? Taylor Hall, 780 High Ave. Room#______, Oshkosh, WI 54901-3591
  • Who do you contact to connect a phone in the dorm room at the University of New Mexico? Please contact UNM housing directly: (505) 277-2606, [email protected]

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