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Featured Article: No Phone Calls, No Emails, No Texts

“Turns out getting all wound up about my kids’ compulsive phone use was actually a cover for my own incessant communication addiction. I’m as bad as they are.

It hit me this summer when my 14-year-old son took a two-week backpacking trip in the Wyoming wilderness. Apparently the National Outdoor Leadership School doesn’t buy the benefits of unimpeded parent-child communications. ‘No news is good news,’ they told me.

Huh?”… Read more.

What happens when your student can’t communicate with you? It’s not as bad as you might think. Read the rest of Robin Noble’s funny and sweet article “No Phone Calls, No Emails, No Texts” on one of our favorite parenting blogs, Grown and Flown. Robin is a UniversityParent featured writers, and we love her personable stories from a mother’s perspective. Congratulations on being featured on Grown and Flown, Robin!

Read “No Phone Calls, No Emails, No Texts” here, and check out some of Robin’s other essays:



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