Transition from High School

Rising Senior Summer Goals Checklist

Parents: use this checklist to confer with your student on summer goals, and ensure everyone’s timing is aligned.


❑  Finalize a list of target schools.

❑  Discuss financial parameters in depth as a family.

❑  Plan campus visits for summer or ideally in early fall when schools are in session.

❑  Secure a summer job and establish a work schedule.

❑  If you want to volunteer, identify community service opportunities aligned with your interests.

❑  Choose the ACT or SAT based on spring scores, register for the fall test, and consider test prep.

❑  Develop a spreadsheet of target schools with deadlines for Early Decision, Early Action and Regular Decision.

❑  Review application requirements and essay questions for each college on your list; open an account with the Common Application and get a head start filling out the easy parts.

❑  Review scholarship application requirements and essay questions.

❑  Everyone: outline and make progress on your essays.

❑  Athletes: work with your coaches and recruiters to identify showcase events or summer sports camps, and register with the NCAA.

❑  Artists: work on your portfolio and/or auditions; check target school websites for requirements.

❑  Consider which teachers, counselors or coaches might write a letter of recommendation on your behalf, and reach out to them with a request. If your school uses Naviance, fill out the “senior reflection” and have parents complete the “parent brag questionnaire.” Naviance has a terrific template for requesting recommendations as well.

❑  Do your summer reading for the fall semester, and mentally prepare to continue working hard senior year.

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