Off Campus Housing

Will your student be moving off campus next year? Let Housing and Residential Communities’ Off Campus Resources office can assist your student in making that transition – Following are some tips to share with your student:

  • Encourage your student to select a roommate(s) s/he know will be financially responsible for their share of the rent, utilities, etc.
  • Make sure you and your student read the lease carefully and keep a copy of the lease in a safe place for future reference.
  • Encourage your student to ALWAYS correspond in writing with the Landlord and ALWAYS keep a copy of the correspondence with the date of the correspondence listed.
  • Take pictures or make a video of the rental property before your student moves in, document any damages, and inform the Landlord in writing of any pre-existing damages. Ask for repairs to be made within a specified timeframe you each agree to in writing.
  • Document any maintenance concerns in writing with the date of the correspondence and keep a copy.
  • Encourage your student to become familiar with the Alabama Tenants Handbook published by Alabama Appleseed, Arise Citizens’ Policy Project and Legal Services of Alabama. A FREE copy can be found at
  • Utilize the services of Housing and Residential Communities’ Off-Campus Resources office, Crimson Choice, the University’s Preferred Residential Rental Educational , or T-Town Living to assist your student in making educated choices about office campus living.
  • Encourage your student to become familiar with City of Tuscaloosa Ordinances. For example, there are restrictions on the number of unrelated persons that can live together in a dwelling in Tuscaloosa. Several City Ordinances that impact the areas around campus can be found at
  • If your student leaves an email address for the Landlord to correspond with him/her, it should be one they will be checking on a regular basis. If your student leaves a cell phone number with the Landlord, it should be a working number. If your student changes email addresses and/or cell phone numbers, it his/her responsibility to inform the Landlord of the changes.

For more information visit the housing website.

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