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“What’s your name, where are you from and what’s your major?”

These 3 questions will be asked and answered hundreds of times the first few weeks on campus. The first 2 are pretty easy. That 3rd one, “what’s your major”, can disturb new students who “have no clue” about their college major or career goals. The University Career Development Center invites all students (that’s right, all of them) to get acquainted with our resources that help students choose a major, set career goals and successfully connect their academic work with career goals.

The University Career Development Center is conveniently located in the Arkansas Union 607 (above the ballroom), in Old Main 518 and in BELL Engineering Center 3158. Dozens of useful resources and tools are available to all students on our website Students can stop by the Center in the Union or call 479-575-2805 to schedule an appointment with one of our Career Coaches.
For a “quick question”, a student may want to send an email message to [email protected]. We promise a prompt response.

Parents, you will love this. Students visiting with a Career Coach will learn how to develop a Career Action Plan. This Plan helps University of Arkansas students “stay on track” with their academic and career goals.
If you want to “jump start” your success on campus, join Professional Development Institute (PDI) at PDI members will be assigned their own Career Coach and they can call on that person for everything from “help me with my resume” to “I got a job offer . . . now what?” (& everything in between). PDI complements the Career Action Plan giving students the resources needed to be successful at the University of Arkansas.

It is never too soon (nor too late) to visit the University Career Development Center. Visit us in person, by phone or on the web. Welcome to the University of Arkansas family. We’re glad you’re here.

Barbara Batson, Director
[email protected]
University of Arkansas Career Development Center

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