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Your student may not always keep you updated on the important dates and events at University of Central Arkansas, but don't worry you can find relevant dates and events as well as a link to the academic calendar right here on UniversityParent. The dates and events section can help you plan quality time with your student throughout the year. Make sure you don't miss a thing!

Important UCA Dates & Events Links for Parents

Stay up to date on important dates and events by checking out the following links:


Q: Do I need to attend a summer parent orientation?

Many colleges invite parents or family members to be a part of orientation. This can be a great opportunity for you to get to know the school and have any questions answered. It also can be a way for you to support your student. For more pros and cons see the full article.

Q: How often should parents visit?

Since there is no magic number for how often to visit your student, talk to your son or daughter and decide with them what would be appropriate. When you do plan a visit, encourage your student to pick a time that is convenient for them and decide what activities are on the agenda. This makes it a great opportunity for your student to show you the areas she loves on and around campus. For more common parent questions see the full article.

Q: What can I do to help my homesick student?

It is important for parents to be ready to provide support during important transition period into college. One way to give your student a lift and show them your support is to send a care package from home. For ideas on what to pack, see the full article.

Q: If I’m attending a parent or family weekend, what do I need to know?

Family weekend is a special time on the college campus -- a time for college students to share their new experiences while getting a taste of home. For parents, it's a time to catch up with their college student and enjoy the fun of campus life. Read our 5 tips for making family weekend great.

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