Career Planning Tips for CU Parents

It’s tempting in this current job market to guide your son or daughter into a particular major, but the reality is that students of all majors can be competitive in the job market especially if they’ve gained hands-on experience in the form of volunteer positions, working on campus, or through internships.

Certainly, it is true that business and engineering students are typically offered higher salaries upon graduation, and it is also true that the “hard” skills they learn in business and engineering courses are extremely beneficial. But not all students are interested in careers in business or engineering. Many of our Arts and Science students go on to pursue meaningful careers in consulting, politics, law, medicine, research, human services, education, and many others fields.

Our job is to encourage students to explore a variety of courses and interests in the hopes that they will discover their passion, whatever and wherever that may be. We look forward to meeting your son or daughter!

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