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What does CU-Boulder do to increase campus safety?

Safety awareness and related services are a high priority for CU-Boulder. All residence halls have locked entrances with only one entrance open for late-night use. University police patrol the campus regularly and can be contacted immediately through emergency call boxes located across campus. The CU NightRide service provides students with police-screened volunteer student drivers throughout the City of Boulder. CU-Boulder also provides extensive crime prevention and education programs.

Students can play a vital part in helping to ensure the Boulder Campus is a safe place to live and work by being aware of and actively participating in the university’s safety policies and procedures. The Committee on Personal Safety, composed of students and representatives from across campus, is taking steps to promote safety issues on campus and to make the campus a safe and pleasant place. Providing adequate lighting, police protection, crime prevention, and educational programs are important steps in this process.

The University of Colorado at Boulder maintains a full-service police department with 40 full-time officers to respond to reports of criminal acts and campus emergencies. These officers are state certified and hold police commissions with the State of Colorado and the City of Boulder. The University Police Department (UPD) received the Professional Standards Compliance Award from the Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in recognition of its high professional standards of conduct and service.

Emergencies on Campus:

  • Crime: Your student can report crimes to the UPD 24 hours a day by calling the communications center at (303) 492-6666. The center is equipped with enhanced 9-1-1 and non-emergency phone lines. For calling instructions, see Emergencies.
  • Medical Emergencies: Your student should call 9-1-1 for emergency medical assistance. Urgent and routine medical treatment for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries is available on campus at  Wardenburg Health Center. Boulder Community Hospital operates a 24-hour emergency room at 1100 Balsam Avenue and can be reached  at (303) 440-2037. Deaf or hard-of-hearing persons may reach Boulder Community Hospital through TTY/TDD at (303) 440-2268.
  • Family Emergencies: If you need to reach your student for a life-or-death family emergency, call the University Police at (303) 492-6666.
  • See Ralphie’s Guide for an extensive discussion of campus safety programs.

How can I stay informed in case of an emergency?

You may contact CU Campus Police after-hours, seven days a week at (303) 492-6666 if you have an emergency.

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