Commuter Programs for First-Year Students

The Department of Commuter Student Involvement (CSI) is located on the second floor of the University Center, Room 236, and offers a variety of services and programs for the University of Miami commuter student. Commuter students are encouraged to visit the CSI office if they have any questions or need assistance.

Commuter Assistants
The Commuter Assistant (CA) program is designed to support first-year commuter students as they transition into the University of Miami community. CAs serve as an academic and social transitional support system for students as they face new challenges and concerns during their first year of college. Each first-year commuter student will be assigned to a CA group for their first semester at UM. CAs will provide programming relevant to commuter students and serve as a resource to their groups. New students will be contacted by their CAs at the beginning of August and will meet them during New Student Orientation. The first CA group meetings for the semester will be held Tuesday, August 25 at 8:00pm, immediately following CaneFest. For more information on the CA program, please visit the CSI website,

Association of Commuter Students
The Association of Commuter Students (ACS) provides its members with a working knowledge of UM that enables them become fully involved in campus life. Brought together by a simple fact of life, commuting to school, ACS members have forged bonds that extend beyond this common circumstance. For more information on ACS, please visit

Commuter Advisory Board
The Commuter Advisory Board (CAB) is a group of students organized to voice the concerns of the off-campus/commuter student to the administration and plan programs specifically for the off-campus community. CAB offers leadership roles to commuter students and provides them with information and guidance about off-campus life. CAB organizes the annual Commuter Community Meeting in addition to the Off-Campus Housing and Roommate Fair and monthly luncheons specifically for commuter students. For more information about CAB, including applications for board positions, please visit

Great Start
Great Start is an overnight, pre-orientation program designed to promote and emphasize college adjustment and campus involvement opportunities. The program’s goal is to help you feel like a part of the University and give you a chance to meet other commuter students. Students who participated in Great Start have said the program greatly contributed to a positive transition from high school to college. Many participants return to the program to serve as Great Start Counselors, who are selected in the fall semester. For more information on the Great Start program, please visit

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