Student Health Insurance Coverage: Now Required

Health insurance isn’t just a good idea — it’s a necessity, and it’s the law.

A medical emergency, sudden illness or serious accident could end the educational dreams of an uninsured student and cause financial devastation for them and their family. Additionally, starting in 2014, the federal Affordable Care Act requires individuals to have medical insurance. The provisions of the law impose an additional fee on a person’s income taxes for being uninsured. Visit the federal healthcare website for more information.

Your son or daughter can avoid the uninsured medical insurance penalty by enrolling in the OU Student Health Plan. This university-sponsored plan meets the medical insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act and is a cost-effective way for your student to purchase medical coverage during their time at the university. Plan enrollment and coverage periods follow the academic year calendar and premiums can be billed to the student’s university Bursar’s account. To learn more about the student health plan and review the premium rates, go to 
our website.

The OU Student Health Plan covers most routine medical care, lab work, prescription drugs and care for a serious illness, injury, surgery or a hospital stay. Most of your student’s medical needs will be fully covered in the university’s on-campus health care facility. The plan also provides coverage to refer your student to other health care providers when they need care that is not available on-campus.

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