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The University of Oklahoma’s Office of the Bursar is the centralized billing and payment location for student accounts.

The Bursar’s Office disburses financial aid, such as federal and institutional loans. This office also applies most scholarships and resident and non-resident tuition waivers awarded by university offices and academic departments that are authorized by the Office of Financial Aid Services. Waivers are non-cash awards that reduce tuition charges only. A number of payment options, including online payments, exist to allow families the greatest flexibility to pay for the student’s college costs. Additional information is available on the Web.

Be sure to check out “Ask the Sooners” when visiting the Bursar website. This comprehensive question-and-answer bank will help you find answers to your most frequently asked questions about financial aid, billing and payment issues, admissions, academic records, online registration and degree navigation.

Parents often have many questions about how much college will cost at OU, how to find out about financial aid and scholarships and how to make payments at OU. Financial Aid Services can help you learn about the many financial aid and scholarship opportunities available to assist students with paying for college. The best place to find financial aid and scholarship information is by first visiting the websites: financialaid.ou.edu and scholarships.ou.edu. Be sure to check out the “Parent Information” link and “What’s New” announcements for important information and updates!

Are students or parents billed for enrollment fees and tuition

Students are billed for enrollment fees and tuition. Parents who wish to pay charges online or receive notification of statements will need their student to authorize release of the billing information to the parent by assigning them access to their account online. The Office of the Bursar generates a monthly statement for current charges as of the last day of every month. Students and authorized parents and payers will receive an email notification when the statement is ready for viewing.

Paying Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fee due date without penalty is Sept. 21 for the fall semester and Feb. 21 for the spring semester. For complete payment and deadline information, service charges, late charges and penalties, check the semester online Class Schedule or the bursars website. The quickest way to make your payment is electronically on oZONE using online pay. Payments can be made online with an e-check from your checking or savings account or by credit card. Online payments are easy, convenient, private and secure, and are posted to your account the same day. Students can easily set up authorized payers to make payments on their behalf.

University of Oklahoma students and employees who choose to pay their account online with a credit card  (MasterCard, Discover and American Express) will incur a 2.75 percent convenience fee (minimum $3.00) for the use of the service. Credit card payments are no longer accepted in the Office of the Bursar or by phone.

oZONE – Electronic Billing and Payment Services for Students

Login for students (requires university-assigned student User Name and password).

Login for parents and authorized payers (requires that the student designate email address within oZONE to grant access for parents). 

oZONE electronic billing and payment system is the official means of generating tuition bills to currently enrolled students at the University of Oklahoma. Students will receive a notice in their university-assigned email account when the eBill is ready to be viewed. Their eBill will detail the amount due (tuition, fees, housing, books and other campus charges) and the payment due date. To view your eBill, click on the View and Pay Statement link under the Money tab. oZONE is available to students and authorized users 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You also may pay in person or by U.S. Postal Service by mailing payment to:

Office of the Bursar
1000 Asp Ave., Room 105
Norman, OK 73019-4071

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