PAWS (Panther Access to Web-based Services)

As an important step in facilitating connections between families and students, UWM offers a feature within our PAWS student information system called “Designate Access.”

By utilizing designated access, students will now have the ability to give up to three individuals a unique login and password for PAWS and assign them permission to see/do any combination of the following:

  • View “To Do” items
  • View Financial Aid
  • View Billing Statements
  • Make a Payment
  • View Grades

If you are interested in being able to have your own access to this information within your student’s PAWS account, your first step is to connect with your student as they alone can set this up.

Step-by-step tutorials to guide students through setting up your designated access are available as are instructions for you to follow once your student has granted you access through PAWS.

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