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Buying a property near campus

Buying a home or condo for your college student to live in may be a great alternative to paying to rent an apartment or live on campus. Is purchasing a property near your student’s university a good investment for you? Consider the following:

  • Cost and return on investment. How do rental prices compare to mortgages near campus? How many years will your student be there? Does he already have roommates in mind that could contribute rent?
  • Student role. Is your student going to be in charge of finding tenants, or will you help out? Will upkeep and maintenance be in his court? Check that any responsibilities your student will have make sense with his schedule and university obligations.
  • Location. Choose a spot near campus not only for your student’s convenience, but also to make sure it will be a desirable property for future renters (or an owner if you plan to sell after your student graduates).
  • Upkeep. Remember to factor in maintenance and insurance as you consider the deal. Maintaining a rental home or condo can take a lot of work.

Still not sure if you should buy a property for your student during college?

Read more for other factors to consider.

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